boy, these are really old, I really need to upload more!

Newport-Bermuda, June 2015, check out my first go pro video

Spring Offsoundings, June 2012, video clips: whip it good, visiting friends on Snowbird

Block Island Race, May 2012 short clip taken about 15nm from finish of 186nm double handed race

Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup, Oct 2011 short clips during race and delivery back, recommend watching each clip in numerical sequence to get a feel for the race

 Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup, Oct 2010 

Excellent short videos in big breeze approaching southwest corner of Block Island. Hit a new personal best boat speed record 18.4 kts!!!

Fishers Island Race, Sept 2010 

Good video of a friend's Melges 32 earlier in the day of the infamous Fisher's Race

Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup, Oct 2-3 2009

Good video from Instant Karma here including a couple clips of us here: . here's a few short videos we made, pretty cheesy in comparison

Fall Offsoundings, Sept 2009, after RC abandoned due to severe conditions, hit 14.7kts under jib alone though this video was shot long after that

New England Solo/Twin, July 2009: 1st reach off Pt Judith run from Block to Noman's

Mudnite overnite May 2009:

BOCC race October 2008: short clip running downwind

Sorry it's a short list...we're too intent on racing so it's usually only the distance races we have any opportunity to record video