...names aren't listed to protect the innocent


thoughts from the skipper:

In its second year, this Dark 'n Stormy program's approach to crew is evolving. Its kinda of an interesting staffing exercise balancing personalities, skills and matching those to demands of the event, conditions, logistics and need to always have fun.

There really isn't a defined team. Sourcing crew for any event, even Wed nite racing, is a tasking affair and quite a balancing act delaing with schedules etc. Alot of thought goes into such planning, even more for bigger events and is always reviewed afterwards for effectiveness, harmony and fun factor.

It seems as this point we've evolved to the point where are these is a small number of core crew members intent on sailing and racing as much as possible in virtually any conditions and improving skills to compete at the highest level possible. Many of these crew on other racing boats whenever possible and this is absolutely encouraged.

Another group of crew fall into the category of occasional, fair weather and delivery crew. These folks may be more into fun and sun than intense competitiona and are able to pitch in whenever really needed. Highly dependable (or maybe not!) they may not be hard core racing but enjoying sailing in moderate conditions. Included here arethe occasional 'rail meat' folks, often non-sailors, added to crew at last minute as condition dictate, friends we want to introduce to sailing or just other sailors looking to for ride.

Another group of crew are the sailors we consider to the sailing rock stars. These are the people we consider really great sailors. These include sailors of with international, national and regional reputations. We're honored to have such talent onboard for any race - even Wed nite bouy racing. And for the more competitive, national type events we seek out such expertise to bolster the skills of the core team.

Whatever category my friends fall into I'm glad you have chosen to sail aboard Dark 'n Stormy, hopefully learned something along the way, established good friendships and had fun sailing/racing.

More crew pics coming soon...

here's a pic from Spring OffSoundings Series, June 2008

See us in action in this youtube video (about 51 seconds into the clip)

Fall Offsoundings 2008 crew pics