Dark 'n Stormy
2010 results, scroll down for latest results:
Block Island Race, 28-29 May, DNF, first double handed IRC event, first Cat 3 race for Dark 'n Stormy. Long delivery to start, hanging with the other J/105s until we lost sight of each other during the night. Raced all night without instruments just running lights. We raced 110nm out of 185nm, retired due to electrical issues, later learning over half of our class withdrew after a slow upwind slog back to Stamford.
OffSoundings Spring Series, 11-13 June, DFL ,with 15% penalty, hopefully fared a bit better in ECSA PHRF, Overall we finished just behind sailing legend Rod Johnstone and boat for boat ahead of the other J/105 on both days. Good tactics, boat handing, crew work, however strategy less than desirable: day 1, first leg, we went to beach, winners stayed out, day 2, last leg we stayed out, winners went to the beach. Otherwise good sailing, great crew, and had a fantatic time on Block Island. And we continue to work off our OffSoundings penalty. Pictures later...
...not off to a stellar start but hey we're having fun and continue to learn and we did rescue a woman from a broached Viper a couple Weds ago.
Block Island Race Week, 21-25 June, DFL…still learning the boat. This was DnS’s second race week on Block Island.Class consisted of six J105s including boats with many years of J/105 tuning and one design regattas under their belts. 9 races and we finished 5th in four races, including besting Eclipse once. Never embarrassingly last except when we shrimped a kite but always a minute or two back after every upwind leg.  This time we focused on rig/sail tune, including logging all measurements, hitting speed targets, testing older UK and North jibs and optimizing crew roles. We also employed daily pre/post briefings and spent a lot of time talking with every other owner and the crews about performance. Learnings: New sails are a must for a major event, a 3 year old main used at least weekly April-Nov, a 7 year old jib and 6 yr old spinnaker that I got for free aren’t the sails for a competitive one design regattas. Rig tune is incredibly important as is the need for boat on boat testing, especially without regular access to one-design competition. Confirmed that main and jib should be from the same sail maker, a UK jib with a North main is not as preferred. Think we’re getting closer on rig tune, next up is altering mast butt position 5/8" aft (attempted this Fri am but ran out of time).  More faith boat is competitive as a one design platform especially downwind even with old spinnaker, think new sails will greatly help upwind VMG. Crew for this regatta ranged from 3-4 core crew swapping mid-week plus 3 pickup crew, including main trimmer with little J/105 time…never again will do a major regatta with pickup crew, too much style, skill and coordination aspects to sort out on the race course. Great weather, venue, lots of friends and fun!!! 

Mudhead Midnite Madness, 2-3 July, 65nm course: Groton, Cerberus Shoal then around Block Island and back. Finished 7th of 12, did pretty well most of the race, fell into a big hole around 0300 at http://americanregatta.com/regattas/2010/mudheads/ The races can be viewed by clicking the link above and creating your own free account or use the special MudHead Account, User: mudhead Password: mudhead
Mudhead Benefit Cup for Southeastern CT HospiceChampionships17 July, tough competition, lots of real pro's so we finished 5th of 6th but we did win the party and raced some coin for a good cause.
New England Solo/Twin Championships, July 30, Newport, (doublehand), 9th out of 12. After 62 miles we made up enough ground to be in second place, but failed to plan for major wind shift on the last leg. The following is from the J/105 website :Kima's Nelson Weiderman and Jim Heagney won Class 1 of the New England Solo Twin aboard Kima, defeating 11 other boats in their class including two other J/105s, Dark & Stormy (winner in 2009) sailed by owner Michael LaChance and Eric Irwin and Jaded, sailed by Joe Cooper and Emmet Todd. The double-handed race took the entrants 94.1 miles around Block Island's R4, to Nomans Island's R2, to the Racon off Newport and finished at Castle Hill Light. The predictions were for light wind, but the wind kicked up and held throughout the night. The second place boat finished just 37 seconds behind on corrected time, and boats were still overlapped at the second mark after sailing 62 miles. The race started at noon on Friday, July 30 and finished in the early hours of Saturday morning.  Final Results
Ida Lewis Distance, 20-21 Aug, 104nm course: 4th, Doublehanded class, 8 boats, 7 seven started, 5 finished in our class. Light breeze so RC sent us on a shorter which we completed in about 24 hours...the last two miles took nearly 2 hours as 2nd-5th place finishers stacked up off Castle Hill waiting for breeze. This allowed us to best the boat we wanted to beat but also kept us out of the money as this delay allowed the Class 40 “Dragon” to correct into first place. A bottle of Champagne at the finish was a nice and motivating touch. This was a very well organized race and lots of fun! Definitely coming back next year Newport fun as always and finally had some time to explore the Int’l Yacht Restoration School after bringing up boat on Thursday. Exciting single handed delivery home too in big breeze, rain and waves - a little while after I finished the 5hr trip one wave took on the fast ferry from MV.
Mason's Island Regatta, 28 Aug, 8th out of 12 in class. RC should've postponed for an hour, not a good day for sprit boats!
Greenport Ocean Race for the Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup, 8-9 Oct, 90nm distance. 1st Overall, 1st PHRF, 1st IRC. Dark 'n Stormy successfully defends the Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup for the second time. First time a boat has won this race three consecutive years since Stuyvesant Wainwright's Butterfly won in 1922-1924. Mudheads rock!!!
(not pictured Tim Hotchkiss)
Here’s short clip about an hour into the race:
and here are four short videos shot during approach to SE corner of Block. This was the gnarliest part of the race with lots of boats behind us wiping out and shredding kites. Winds upper 20’s with gusts to 40 and short steep seas. We rocked with a brand new Evo runner and our very, very best driver. New boat speed record 18.4kts surpassed previous set in same race same leg two years ago. Great race, venue and great fun!
More pics later...
Other results:
Fisher's Island Round Island Regatta, 4 Sept (aboard "Second Chance"), not a good day
Sheldon Clark Offshore Regatta, Chicago, IL, September 11-12 on "Creative Destruction", 1st place 
J/105 North American Championships, Chicago, Sept 15-18 on "Creative Destruction", 4th place
Rock to Rock, 25-26 Sept, 60nm distancem aboard "Brigand", 2nd place
Wellness Cup, Branford, CT 2 Oct, 50nm distance, aboard "Brigand",